How Much Do Round Windows Cost in 2024?

A round window on its own costs about $250 to $785.

The national average cost for a round window installation is $520. Typically, the price may vary from $250 to $785 plus labor costs, which can be expected to be around $40 per hour. Depending on the size and material used on the window, on the high-end, homeowners might spend up to $1,470 for a round window installation.

Round windows are a good option if you are looking to enhance the natural light in your space and add aesthetic value to your home. They are usually fixed (meaning they don’t open), since they serve more of a decorative purpose. As they fall in the category of specialty windows, they are a bit pricey compared to the common square-shaped windows.

In this article, you’ll see:

Average Round Window Installation Costs

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National Average Cost$520
Typical Price Range$250 – $785
Extreme Low-End Cost$200
Extreme High-End Cost$1,470

Since round windows fall in the category of specialty windows, they can be a little bit pricier than a double-hung standard window, with typical costs ranging from $250 to $785 plus labor costs of around $40 per hour. The material of the framing, the type of glass, and the size of the window may influence the overall cost.

Still, round windows can be a creative addition to achieve certain designs and optimize light entrances at a lower general complexity of installation. If you want to create an arched window effect, for example, a half-round window positioned above a rectangular one can give you the visual of a full spring-line window, but at a lower cost. Similarly, round windows can be installed on each side of a bay or bow window for a unique design.

Round Window Installation Cost Estimator by Size

The cost of a round window installation depends heavily on your desired window size. The average size for a round window is 24-36 inches in diameter. But some manufacturers make your window custom-sized, starting as small as 12-18 inches and going as big as 71 inches in diameter.

Here is an overall cost estimate based on the average size for a round window (not including labor costs):

Window SizeAverage Cost (Not Including Installation) 
12 inches in diameter$210
24 inches in diameter$420 
30 inches in diameter$520
36 inches in diameter$625
71 inches in diameter $1,230

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Besides the size of your intended circular window, other factors can affect the overall amount of money you will pay for your project, namely the frame material you choose, the glass type, the labor cost, and the functionality of your window.

Frame Material

One of the main factors that can influence your overall cost other than the size is the material used in the window frame. Here is a list of suitable materials in order from the least expensive to the most expensive:

  1. Vinyl
  2. Aluminum
  3. Wood
  4. Fiberglass or Composite

Each material has its pros and cons:

  • Vinyl is durable and has a high energy efficiency but it is not paintable. 
  • Aluminum, on the other hand, is paintable but has poor insulation properties and may be less energy-efficient. 
  • Wood is generally cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, but a wood window may crack or bend over time due to weather changes. 
  • Both fiberglass and composite are on the more expensive side of the cost spectrum, but they offer high energy efficiency, with fiberglass being generally more durable.

Glass Type

The type of glass used in the window can increase the total cost of your project. The most common window is usually made with a single glass pane, but if you want to optimize the energy efficiency and can spend a little more, you can go for a double or even triple-pane window. There are also sealed or glazed windows and glass panes, which can provide the functionality of insulation. 

You can also opt for standard-quality safety glass, like toughened glass (also called tempered glass), if security is something you want to take into consideration. Finally, since circle windows are mostly decorative, you can also go for stained glass. The prices may vary depending on the manufacturer you choose. 

Labor Costs

The labor cost per hour usually amounts to an average of $40, but this price may increase or decrease depending on the price of labor in your area, the size of your desired window, and the general complexity of the installation.

Window Functionality

Typically, round windows are classified as window segments, meaning that they are fixed (they do not open). However, some manufacturers offer custom round windows with opening sashes or even with the possibility of opening by pivoting outwards from the center point. This is an interesting option if you are looking to add airflow in your home, but keep in mind that this is a factor that can raise the overall cost. 

Related Services

If you searched for round windows, you might also be interested in the following services:

Window Replacement

If your search for a round window comes from the need to replace a window, you might like to know that on average, a window replacement can cost homeowners around $670. The prices can typically range from $310 up to $1,330. The costs vary widely depending on how big and how elaborate the window is.

Window Repair

Window repair services might also be a suitable option for you. Repairing a window is generally less expensive than replacing one. The overall cost for window repair ranges from $170 to $565, with a national average of $360.

Window Insulation

Adding insulation to your window can help you save on energy costs since it keeps both hot and cold air from entering your home through the glass. The cost of window insulation may vary, but the average is $3 to $20 per square foot.

Glass Block Window

If you are looking for a decorative type of window, you might want to consider the option of a glass block window. A glass block window costs between $410 and $1,235 per window, with a national average cost of about $660

Wall Painting

If you decided to install a new window as your home improvement, you might need to repaint the wall. You might want to consider this when planning your expenses as well. When done by a professional, interior painting costs $2 to $5 per square foot and exterior painting costs $1.55 to $4.20 per square foot.

Cost of Round Window Installation by Location

If you live in a metropolitan area, you may have to pay higher prices for window installation than people pay in rural areas. So, based on your region, your final project costs could be much more (or much less) than the national averages presented in this guide. To find the best deal for you, contact a few local window installation companies and ask for a quote so you can compare prices and make the best decision.

FAQ About Round Windows

Can you install a round window DIY?

Window installation is not recommended to be done by oneself. While it is perfectly understandable that you might want to lower the total cost of your project, the problems that might appear if you decide to install a round window by yourself may surpass the expenses of hiring a professional. If a window isn’t installed properly, it can lead to serious risk and damage to your home. 

Creating a round rough opening in a structure is inherently more complex than creating a standard window shape. A qualified professional will be able to do all the necessary measuring and cutting to ensure the window fits properly, avoiding problems such as the lack of an airtight seal between the walls and the windows, which can cause leakage, moisture build-up, and other complications. 

Is a round window expensive? 

Round windows are considered specialty windows, so they are usually more expensive than standard rectangular windows. Still, they are not the most expensive on the market and can be a great addition to your home.

What is the use of a round window?

Because round windows are usually fixed, they serve more of a decorative purpose. But they are also a smart way to allow natural light to enter, helping you to save on energy costs.

What is a round window in a house called?

Round windows are also called circular windows or porthole windows. They may also come in various formats besides the typical circular shape: quarter-round, half-round, elliptical, hexagonal, honeycomb, oval windows, and more.

DIY or Hire a Pro to Install Your Round Window 

Round windows are reminiscent of Gothic architecture when rose windows with stained glass were common decorative pieces in churches. Nowadays, though a little simpler than back then, this window design still makes a beautiful statement piece in your home.

Round windows are popular choices for entryways and common areas for their function of letting in natural light and also because of their unique design that allows for creative solutions, perfect for homeowners looking for an interesting remodel. If you want both function and aesthetic value in the same piece, this might be the right choice for you. Find a window installation professional near you to get your project started.

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