Simonton Window Prices in 2024

Simonton windows cost $385 to $1,450 per unit, with a national average of $920, including materials and installation.

Simonton windows prices range from $385 to $1,450 per unit, with a national average of $920, including materials and installation. Pricing varies with window style, collection, customization, and insulation upgrades.

With over 70 years of experience manufacturing windows and patio doors, Simonton offers 27 vinyl frame collections for energy-efficient homes.

Their windows are built with durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient thermal vinyl frames. Select products from the Simonton 5500, 6500, and 9800 series have been recognized as part of the Most Efficient Energy Star products list for several years.

Overall, Simonton windows ensure good quality at affordable prices. You can choose between entry-level, mid-level, and premium models, various frame colors, hardware finishes, grids, and screens. In this guide, we talk about the most popular collections and typical Simonton windows prices.

Average Simonton Windows Cost in 2024

National Average Cost$920
Typical Price Range$385 – $1,450
Extreme Low-End Cost$310
Extreme High-End Cost$2,080

On average, Simonton Window’s products cost $385 to $1,450 per unit. These prices are for mid-level models and vary with window type, customization, size, upgrades, and installation costs. 

To keep your remodeling project within a low budget, consider:

  • Buying low-cost window series such as the Simonton 5050 or Asure for replacement windows and ProFinish Builder or Contractor for new construction
  • Choosing the standard options included by default with the product (window frame colors, hardware, and glass features)
  • Going for a model without grids
  • Looking for promotions on the manufacturer and distributors’ websites 

Some more expensive choices can take you toward the high end of the price range, such as:

  • Bay or bow windows – both materials and labor are costly
  • Premium window series such as the 9800, Madeira, or the 6500
  • Extensive customization
  • Large windows
  • Updates for higher energy efficiency
  • Special features such as laminated glass

Let’s look at the Simonton product lines and their prices. We’ll start with the two main categories: new construction and replacement windows.

New Construction Window Costs

Professionals installing windows in new construction
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New construction windows cost $320 to $890 per unit on average. Simonton makes the frames with nailing fins that help secure the window to the wall sheathing. It also provides a J-channel to help hide the cut edges of the siding. Both features speed up installation and help define a flawless window frame. 

You can use Simonton’s construction windows for a newly built house or a renovation project. Simonton has four collections for this type of installation:

  • Builder
  • Contractor 
  • Brickmould 300 
  • Brickmould 600

Here are the average costs for each of these window series, including installation.

New Construction CollectionAverage Price
ProFinish Builder$275 – $775
Contractor$285 – $810
Brickmould 300$325 – $905
Brickmould 600$400 – $1,060

Simonton ProFinish Builder

The ProFinish Builder series has an average price of $275 to $775 per window, with installation. These are entry-level models, beautiful and dependable, with:

  • Two standard frame colors: white and tan
  • Four window types
  • Three glass upgrades

Simonton Contractor

Simonton’s Contractor windows are elegant and affordable, costing $285 to $810 per unit. With a black frame customization option, this series uniquely fits a modern or industrial design.

It also includes the ProSolar PLUS upgrade, which has an extra silver coating for colder Northern climates.

Brickmould 300

At $325 to $905 per unit, Brickmould 300 windows have multi-tiered wood-like frames. You can buy them in white and driftwood colors for a classic or traditional home. This series includes four window styles:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Sliders
  • Picture windows 
  • Specialty shapes

Brickmould 600

For the classic look of wood windows with the durability of vinyl, consider the Brickmould 600 models. At $400 to $1,060 per unit, it is the most generous series in this category with the following features:

  • Four wood grain interior options ranging from white to dark wood texture
  • Black, pine, bronze, and other lovely exterior color options
  • Six window types, including awning and casement
  • Valuable upgrades, such as Coastal Impact Protection and laminated glass

Cost of Simonton Replacement Windows for the East Region

Replacement windows are slightly more expensive, with an average cost of $380 to $910 per unit with installation. They are meant to be installed in an existing frame and are mainly used to replace old or damaged windows.

Simonton divides its replacement windows by location with its East and West Region lines. This divide allows the company to adapt its products to local climate conditions.

The East Region line includes nine series:

  • Reflections 5050 
  • Reflections 5500
  • Simonton 6100
  • Simonton 6500
  • Asure
  • Simonton 9800
  • Pro
  • Premium
  • StormBreaker Plus

Among the unique features and upgrades available for the East Coast series are:

  • ProSolar PLUS adds a fourth silver coating layer to the glass pane to keep warmth inside. It’s perfect for houses in colder northern climates. 
  • Coastal Impact Protection increases the glass’s resistance to wind and flying debris with laminated glass and structural reinforcements. This upgrade offers Missile C-level protection suitable for Wind Zones 1 and 2.
  • The Turtle Glass upgrade ensures less than 40% of the artificial light gets outside in the evening. It complies with sea turtle lighting ordinances adopted along the coast of Florida.

Here are the average prices and details about the most popular collections made for the East Coast.

Simonton CollectionsAverage Price
Simonton Reflections 5050$335 – $825
Simonton Reflections 5500$370 – $885
Simonton 6100$415 – $1,060
Simonton 6500$470 – $1,145
Asure$270 – $625
Simonton 9800$395 – $1,190
Simonton StormBreaker Plus$505 – $960

Simonton Reflections 5050

In the Simonton 5050 series, you’ll find vinyl replacement windows at $335 to $825 per unit. It’s an entry-level collection with four window styles and two frame colors (white and tan).

The 5050 frame has a lovely classic design. Its glass pane is the standard ProSolar low-E included in all Simonton series. As for the upgrades, you can add:

  • Double-strength or tempered glass for more durability
  • Textured or tinted glass for privacy
  • ProSolar Shade or ProSolar Sun, depending on the house’s exposure to sunlight

Simonton Reflections 5500

The 5500 series costs $370 to $885 per window and includes classic frames with a wood grain texture. It fits like a glove in traditional houses or mountain cabins.

With nine window styles, including awning, bay, bow, and garden windows, it’s also a very adaptable series.

You have eight interior colors, 11 exterior colors, and seven hardware finishes to choose from. The available upgrades are also generous. Besides the standard elements in the 5050 series, you can choose to upgrade your windows with these features:

  • Triple-pane glass, recognized as Most Efficient by ENERGY STAR in 2022)
  • ProSolar PLUS extra coating
  • Coastal Impact Protection
  • Laminated glass for increased safety
  • Krypton gas filling

Simonton 6100

The 6100 collection is available only in Home Depot stores and costs $415 to $1,060 per unit. These windows have elegant, narrow frames and wide glass panes. They are great for homeowners who want more natural light, especially if they have more modern and contemporary-style homes.

You can choose between white or tan frames and add standard upgrades. Similar to the 5500 series, the 6100 also includes nine window styles:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Sliders
  • Picture windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Garden windows
  • Specialty shapes 

Together with the 6500, 6200, and ClearValue series, the 6100 windows are part of the old Simonton VantagePointe line. Simonton took off the VantagePointe name in 2023, leaving only the series numbers. 

Simonton 6500

Similar to the old Prism Platinum, the 6500 windows cost $470 to $1,145 per unit and are part of a premium line. They have the following features:

  • Wood-like interior texture
  • Distinctive frame design
  • Numerous customization options 

You can choose from nine window styles, including bay and bow formats. Upgrades for this window line include:

  • Triple-pane glass, recognized as Most Efficient by ENERGY STAR in 2022
  • Coastal Impact Protection
  • Laminated glass, which increases resistance to forced entry and deflects 99% of UV light

Simonton 6500 windows are sold only through Home Depot.


The average cost of an Asure window ranges from $270 to $625 per unit. It’s an entry-level series with these features:

  • Two color options
  • Four window styles
  • Standard upgrades

Its durable, narrow frames and wide glass panes make it perfect for rooms with a beautiful view. 

Simonton 9800

At $395 to $1,190 per window, the Impression 9800 models make classic homes look charming and cozy. The vinyl frames have a traditional, woody, thicker design with these interior wood swatches:

  • Maple
  • Contemporary oak
  • Antique cherry
  • Dark woodgrain

You can choose among nine types of windows and also improve your window’s energy efficiency with these upgrades: 

  • Triple-pane glass
  • Prosolar PLUS for better insulation in colder climates
  • Coastal Impact Protection for areas exposed to storms
  • Laminated glass for better UV protection and noise insulation

Simonton StormBreaker Plus

With fewer customization options, the StormBreaker Plus windows are built primarily for safety and peace of mind. On average, windows from this series cost $505 to $960 per unit and are built to resist high wind and flying debris. These windows feature the following:

  • Double-strength, 1-inch impact-resistant low-E glass
  • A durable interlayer that prevents shuttering and also reduces noise by up to 50%

StormBreaker Plus windows are certified to meet Missile D impact specifications. This means they can be used in Wind Zones 1, 2, and 3, and can protect against 200mph winds.

If you live along the coast of Florida, you might also find the Turtle Glass option interesting. This upgrade ensures that only 40% of artificial indoor light gets out and doesn’t attract turtles from shore.

Price of Simonton Window Collections for the West Region

Simonton has four series in its West Region collection. Windows from this collection cost an average of $345 to $810 per window, including materials and installation:

  • DaylightMax
  • ClearValue
  • Simonton 6200
  • Madeira

The western region collections also have special updates adapted to the local climate. The most important one is the Title 24 update. This update ensures compliance with the Title 24 regulations of California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Here are the average costs for the most popular west region window series.

Simonton CollectionsAverage Price
Simonton DaylightMax$390 – $970
Madeira$360 – $825

Simonton DaylightMax

Simonton’s DaylightMax is a mid-level series with windows costing $390 to $970 per unit. It’s a generous collection with 13 color options and 15 hardware finishes.

The frame is narrow and sleek, suitable for modern designs and houses with beautiful gardens. You can choose from nine window styles, including:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bay & bow windows
  • Garden models

Besides the standard options, Daylight Max windows can be upgraded with the following features:

  • Bronze or gray tinted glass for privacy
  • Laminated glass for security and UV protection
  • Acoustic glass for superior soundproofing


Homes built in a classic or contemporary style will look amazing with Madeira windows. It is the premium product line for the Western Region collection and costs $360 to $825 per unit

The frames can be colored in 11 beautiful swatches, while its hardware has four finish options. There are 10 types of windows available, including a single-hung model. 

Premium upgrades for the Madeira line include:

  • Eco3 triple-pane glass, a model recognized as part of the Most Efficient Energy Star products in 2023
  • Title 24 specifications for home improvement projects in California
  • Sound-reducing acoustic glass for a quiet house 
  • Laminated glass for better impact resistance, dampening sound more efficiently, and reflecting up to 99% of UV radiation

Cost by Simonton Windows Styles

The price of Simonton products also varies with window style. For example, installing a single-hung window costs $505 to $705, while the larger and more complex bay and bow window models cost $1,920 to $3,020 per installed unit. 

Here are the average prices for each window style in Simonton’s catalog.

Window TypeAverage Price with Installation
Casement$550 – $735
Awning$600 – $900
Bow$1,400 – $2,850
Bay$1,000 – $1,100 
Single-hung$490 – $660
Double-hung$320 – $880
Sliding$440 – $815
Picture$550 – $750
Garden$1,080 – $1,270
Specialty shapes$490 – $685

Simonton Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung models have a fixed top sash and mobile bottom sash that slides vertically to allow opening and ventilation. Simonton single-hung options cost $490 to $660 per unit, including materials and labor.

Simonton Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two mobile sashes that slide vertically. Depending on how much airflow is needed, homeowners can open one or both sashes.

With installation, you can buy Simonton double-hung options for $320 to $880 per unit

Simonton Sliding Windows

Simonton’s slider windows cost $440 to $815 per unit. Their sliding windows can have two or three sashes. They open by gliding horizontally along a track. Models with two mobile sashes open wider and let more air inside. 

Simonton Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on their sides and open like doors, offering excellent ventilation and insulation. Simonton casement models cost $550 to $735 to install. With many casement window options across Simonton’s various window collections, there’s a model that’s bound to fit in one of many architectural styles that homes come in.

Simonton Awning Windows

On average, awning windows from Simonton cost $600 to $900 per unit. This window style has a horizontal design that fits perfectly in rooms where you want more light or ventilation. 

With hinges at the top of the frame, awning windows open by swinging outward from the bottom. 

Simonton Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows extend outside the house, adding interior space and visual flair.

Simonton’s bay window options have a picture window in the middle, flanked by single or double-hung windows on the sides. These can be installed for $1,000 to $1,100 per unit.

Bow windows have four or more picture windows forming a delicate curve. They are larger,  more complex, and expensive than bay windows. Simonton’s bow window options cost $1,400 to $2,850 per unit.

Simonton Picture Windows

Picture windows have a single glass pane in a narrow frame. They don’t open, offering good insulation and a beautiful view outside. You can install Simonton picture window models for $550 to $750 per unit.

Simonton Garden Windows

Garden windows are three-dimensional structures that extend outside the wall. They have a shelf-like sill where you can place plants and are typically installed in the kitchen. These models cost $1,080 to $1,270 per window to install.

Simonton Specialty Windows

Simonton’s specialty-shaped windows can be arched, circular, or linear. Also called geometric windows, they’re ideal for a customized look and add visual interest to your home. Installing Simonton products from this category costs $490 to $685 per unit.

Remember that pricing varies with window size, customization, upgrades, and installation costs. For an accurate estimate, ask for a free quote from a local window contractor.

Installation Costs

The average cost of installing a Simonton window ranges from $120 to $970 per unit, depending on:

  • Type of window
  • Type of installation: insert replacement or a full-frame installation
  • Contractor fees

You’ll pay less for simple and small windows and more for large and complex window types. 

For example, picture windows or single-hungs cost $120 to $250 to install. The bay and bow models are the most expensive because of their size and complexity. They are made up of three, four, or more windows, costing $1000 or more to install. 

Full-frame installation of a Simonton window costs $600 to $2,500, depending on the window type. As with retrofits, bay, and bow windows are also the most expensive windows to install.

Warranty and Service

A good warranty reduces the costs of using the windows. Simonton works with a double-lifetime limited warranty for residential use, where the next owner will benefit from a lifetime warranty if you sell your house. 

The double-lifetime warranty typically covers the following:

  • Vinyl frames
  • Some hardware parts
  • Window screens

The rest of the window elements benefit from a 10-year to lifetime limited warranty as follows:

  • Insulating glass unit – 20 years to lifetime prorated. This covers issues with the window sealing and eventual internal condensation
  • Glass breakage warranty – 3 years, available for double-strength panes and laminated glass upgrades

Also, keep in mind that the warranty does not cover labor.

If something needs to be fixed with the product, Simonton sends replacement parts but doesn’t cover the cost of repairs. Make sure the window installer you’re working with can offer you some warranty on the installation.

All these are general specifications. Since the warranty can vary with the window model, check every detail carefully before buying.

Cost of Simonton Windows vs. Other Brands

Simonton is a company focused only on energy-efficient vinyl frames. The absence of more expensive materials from its portfolio makes the Simonton windows more accessible with various entry-level and mid-level models. With an average price of $385 to $1,450 per installed window, their products are more affordable than those of their competitors.

Let’s look at how Simonton holds up against Andersen and Pella, two other window manufacturers:

  • Andersen makes wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite frames. On average, their products cost between $570 and $2,485 per unit. 
  • Pella has fiberglass, vinyl, and wood windows. Pella products cost an average of $370 to $2,635 per window.

Why Choose Simonton Windows?

Simonton has some compelling offers in its catalog, but it’s always best to weigh your options to ensure you’re getting the perfect windows for your home.

Here are some of the company’s qualities that might be useful to keep in mind when evaluating and comparing its offers with those of other brands.

1. Generous selection of vinyl windows

With 14 replacement window collections and five new construction lines, Simonton is the best choice for vinyl windows. It has the most expansive portfolio of vinyl window lines, with exciting models covering all budget levels and design styles.

2. Models adapted to local climate conditions

Simonton separates its replacement windows collection into the West and East Region series, based on location. This allows for a better product adaptation to the local climate requirements.

3. Energy-efficient windows

Simonton produces EnergyStar-certified windows with thermal vinyl frames and insulating updates that improve performance. The 5500, 9800, and Madeira series have been recognized as some of the Most Efficient products by Energy Star in 2023 for their triple-pane windows. The 5500 and 9800 also held this title in 2022 and 2021.

4. Energy Tax credit

EnergyStar-certified Simonton windows suitable for your climate condition can be eligible for a 30 percent tax credit of up to $600. Read more about the tax credit program here.

FAQ About Simonton Windows

Can you install Simonton Windows DIY?

Yes! Simonton windows can be installed DIY like any other brand, but it may not be the best idea if you’re not handy with tools. Inadequate insulation can compromise performance even with the best window. The best way to benefit from a good-quality Simonton window is to hire a professional installer.

Are Simonton windows good replacement windows?

Overall, Simonton offers affordable prices for good-quality replacement windows in various styles, designs, and colors. However, it is not a top-of-the-line ultra-premium brand. So, whether or not a Simonton window is a good replacement option for you depends on your budget and expectations.

How much do vinyl windows cost per window?

The average vinyl window costs $350 to $1,265 per unit, including installation. This price varies widely depending on brand, size, style, and features.

Find a Pro to Install Your New Windows

With 27 affordable collections of vinyl windows and patio doors, Simonton is a good option for your home construction, renovation, or basic remodeling projects. Their windows range from $385 to $1,450 per unit, with material and installation, and come in various styles, colors, finishes, and upgrades. Your comfort is in good hands with Simonton and its EnergyStar-certified models recognized year after year. 

Do you have windows already? Why not hire a window professional to install them for you? Window Gnome can connect you with reliable window pros in your area who can get the job done easily.

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