How Much Does Window Glass Replacement Cost in 2024?

Replacing broken window glass typically costs between $235 and $505.

Glass is an important part of a window. So, when it breaks, you’d better schedule a window glass replacement as soon as possible. Across the country, replacing broken window glass costs an average of $305, although many homeowners pay somewhere between $235 and $505 when they hire a pro.

Depending on the size and type of the window, window specialists will charge around $50 to $70 in labor fees to replace your window’s glass.

This pricing guide covers:

Average Window Glass Replacement Costs

National Average Cost$305
Typical Price Range$235 – $505
Extreme Low-End Cost$120
Extreme High-End Cost$2,630

While most window glass replacement projects cost between $235 and $505 – or an average of $305 – homeowners can pay as little as $120 or as much as $2,630 to get their broken glass replaced.

What’s causing this large cost difference? It largely depends on the scope of your project, especially the size and type of window glass. If you want to save money on your window glass replacement, you can:

  • Replace less glass
  • Don’t splurge on window glass improvements
  • Use regular window glass
  • Check with your window pro to see if you can repair your glass instead
  • Get quotes from different contractors to find one that fits your budget

Other factors that influence your window replacement project’s cost are the type of window, age, brand, extra improvements, window accessibility, and labor fees. It will be cheaper to replace the glass of a small single-pane sash window than all of the glass in a bay window.

Window Glass Replacement Cost Estimator by Type of Window Glass

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Some types of window glass are more expensive than others. These more expensive types of glass have special treatments and glazing that increase their energy efficiency, make them more durable, or give you more privacy.

Low E-Coated Window Glass

Low emissivity-coated glass, or low E-glass, is a specially coated glass that prevents too much UV light and infrared light from penetrating the glass and coming into your home. This glass also makes windows more energy-efficient by preventing heat from escaping your home. This type of window glass doesn’t block out sunlight. Low e-coated window glass replacement costs around $325 to $985.

Gas-Filled Window Glass

With costs ranging from $395 to $1,150, gas-filled windows are a little pricy. The gas – either argon or krypton – is filled in between the glass panes of a window. Gas-filled windows have good insulation, but they can lose some of this energy efficiency if the window’s seal breaks and the gas leaks. Krypton-filled glass is more expensive than argon-filled glass because it is denser and more insulating. Argon is more effective with thicker windows, while krypton is great even with thinner windows.

Laminated Window Glass

Created by bonding glass with resin, laminated glass is much stronger than standard glass. Its insulation muffles noise and keeps your home toasty, too. Replacing laminated window glass will cost you about $190 to $835.

Tempered Window Glass

Tempered window glass is quite durable, made to withstand wind, debris, and harsh weather. This glass is also great for safety, as it’s less likely to break; when damaged, it’s more likely to shatter into rounded pieces. Hiring a pro to replace tempered glass will cost around $200 to $860.

Frosted Window Glass

Do you want a little more privacy? More opaque than standard glass, frosted window glass lets light in while preventing prying eyes from seeing the inside of your home or room. This type of glass is also used decoratively. Replacing this type of glass is more affordable than most others, costing around $350 to $795.

Smart Window Glass

With most projects ranging from $450 to $3,600, smart glass is by far one of the most expensive types of glass to replace. But it’s not without good reason – smart glass has electrical components that allow you to turn it tinted or clear.

Single, Double, or Triple-Paned Window Glass

Windows can also be divided into how many glass panes they have. Extra glass panes make for more energy-efficient windows, but more panes to replace means a higher price tag for your window glass replacement.

See the relative cost of single vs. double vs. triple-pane windows in the table below.

Number of Glass PanesTypical Cost Range
Single-pane$130 – $410
Double-pane$165 – $645
Triple-pane$390 – $955

Window Glass Replacement Cost Estimator by Size

As with most window projects, replacing broken window glass is more expensive the bigger it is. Aside from a higher material cost, window glass specialists will likely charge a higher labor cost for larger pieces of glass because they’re more difficult to replace.

Here is a table with some standard window glass sizes and how much you might need to pay to replace them. Consult with a window specialist for information about other sizes.

Glass SizeTypical Cost Range
24″ x 36″$130 – $180
30″ x 36″$160 – $270
24″ x 54″$200 – $285
36″ x 42″$320 – $420
28″ x 58″$330 – $440
46″ x 46″$380 – $520
46″ x 54″$650 – $810

Other Factors That Affect Cost

While your window’s size and the type of glass it has are big cost factors, there are others to consider when determining the price of a professional window glass replacement project.

Window Type

The type of window can determine how difficult it is to replace its glass. Some window types are more elaborate and much bigger than others, making glass replacements for them more expensive than the standard window.

Window TypeTypical Cost Range
Storm$110 – $375
Egress$125 – $850
Sash$115 – $975
Casement$170 – $1,220
Skylight$200 – $3,570
Picture$210 – $1,000
Sliding$125 – $850
Bay$425 – $3,755
Bow$860 – $2,245
Storefront$525 – $3,465

Storm Windows

Made to protect your home from harsh weather, storm windows are usually single panes of glass installed over existing windows. Replacing the glass in a storm window costs around $110 to $375.

Egress Windows

These windows are often installed in finished basements. Egress windows serve as points of escape during an emergency. Replacement egress window glass ranges from $125 to $850.

Sash Windows

Both single hung windows and double hung windows have two sashes, and they are some of the most common windows on the market today. Their major difference is that you can open both sashes of a double hung window, while you can only open the bottom sash of a single hung. Replacing their glass will cost you around $115 to $975

Casement Windows

Casement windows have hinges on one side, so you have to swing them open. Hopper and awning windows are types of casement windows. Replacing the glass of a casement window can cost you around $170 to $1,220, depending on its size.


Installed on your roof, skylights are a great way to improve lighting and airflow in your home. Replacing skylight glass is a bit more difficult because of where they’re located, so expect to pay around $200 on the low end and up to $3,570 on the high end.

Picture Windows

While great for natural light, picture windows aren’t great for ventilation, as they are fixed; you can’t open them at all. Replacement picture window glass costs from $210 to $1,000.

Sliding Windows

These windows are set along a track and are opened by sliding them from side to side. Replacing the glass of a sliding window will run you about $125 to $850.

Bay Windows

Bay windows give your home both visual appeal and extra space. Jutting out of your home’s exterior, they are made of three window panes. That makes for a lot of glass; a full bay window glass replacement will cost anywhere between $425 and $3,755.

Bow Windows

Like bay windows, bow windows protrude out of your home and give you more square footage. However, instead of three panes set in an angular configuration, bow windows have four to six panes in a gentle bow. The average price to replace broken bow window glass ranges from $860 to $2,245.

Storefront Windows

Storefront windows are large, fixed-pane windows usually installed in commercial buildings. Because they’re often made of tempered glass, a storefront window glass replacement will likely cost between $525 and $3,465.

Window Brand

Different brands will have varying price points for their replacement window glass. Window glass replacements will be more expensive for some brands because a few require homeowners to replace their window sashes at the same time to keep their warranties.

Here is a table of the average cost to replace broken window glass by brand. These prices are based on a glass replacement for a double-pane window.

Window BrandTypical Cost Range
Pella$200 – $290
JELD-WEN$220 – $330
Harvey$250 – $300
Simonton$250 – $400
Alside$250 – $500
Milgard$300 – $600
Andersen$400 – $600

Window Age

Older windows are more likely to be custom and have glass outside of the standard range of sizes. Older windows may also be more difficult to work with, making it more expensive to replace their glass.

Window Accessibility

Windows on the second floor or above are usually more expensive to replace than those on the first floor because accessing them is more dangerous and requires more equipment.

Extra Improvements

You can get additional work done on your windows to improve their aesthetics and energy efficiency. Some of these extra improvements include frame replacement, reglazing, tinting, UV film, and spectrally-selective window film.

ImprovementsTypical Cost Range
Wood Frame Replacement$175 – $300
Aluminum Frame Replacement$250 – $500
Vinyl Frame Replacement$300 – $600
Fiberglass Frame Replacement$300 – $600
Window Reglazing$225 – $500
Window Tinting$7 per square foot
UV Film$5 – $12 per square foot
Spectrally Selective Film$8 – $16 per square foot

Window Frame Replacement

Your window frames are important in keeping your windows structurally sound. Their airtight seals also make your windows energy-efficient. If your window frames break while getting the glass replaced, then you should have a professional repair them as soon as possible.

Replacing a window frame will cost you between $175 and $600, depending on the frame material:

  • Wood frames will cost you about $175 to $300 to replace.
  • Replacement aluminum frames range from $250 to $500.
  • Vinyl replacement frames will run you about $300 to $600.
  • Fiberglass frame replacements cost around $300 to $600.

Window Reglazing

Instead of replacing a window in good condition completely, check your window putty first. Window putty creates an airtight seal around the window pane to keep it insulated. Deteriorating putty can be removed and replaced with new putty. 

Costing from $225 to $500, window reglazing is a more affordable option than window replacement for homeowners on a budget. 

Window Tinting

Do you want more privacy and lower energy bills? Then you might be interested in tinting your window glass. Costing around $7 per square foot, window tinting also lowers window glare.

Window UV Film

If you’re worried about harmful ultraviolet rays getting into your home, then applying a UV film to your windows might work for you. Blocking up to 99% of UV rays and reducing solar heat, this film comes in many colors and reflective and non-reflective options. Applying UV film costs anywhere from $5 to $12 per square foot.

Spectrally Selective Window Film

Spectrally selective window film is a special type of low-E coating that lets more natural light into your home. While it’s not as energy-efficient as the standard low-E coating, it’s still great at insulating your home and blocking out damaging UV rays. It costs around $8 to $16 per square foot.

Labor Costs

On average, professional window glass replacers will charge around $50 to $70 per hour in labor fees, depending on the difficulty of the project. Expect higher labor rates if your windows are elaborate, large, or inaccessible.

If you need an emergency window glass replacement, you will most likely pay an even higher labor fee – about $120 to $150 per hour.

Window Glass Replacement vs. Window Glass Repair

You don’t need to replace your window glass if it’s only mildly damaged. Professional window repairs cost around $170 to $565 on average. Compared to the average glass replacement cost of $235 and $505, window glass repair might be the smarter option for you if your windows are only scratched or cracked.

Window Glass Replacement vs Whole Window Replacement

Whole window replacement costs about $310 to $1,330, and it includes a replacement window frame. If your window’s glass is the only problem, then replacing only the glass might be the better option. However, if your window has more issues, then you should consider replacing your entire window instead.

Getting your window’s glass replaced might be a good time to hire a pro for the following services, too.

Door Glass Replacement

Some doors have glass portions or are entirely made of glass. Replacing door glass is similar to replacing window glass. Ranging from $100 to $4,870, the cost of a door glass replacement is determined by the size and complexity of the door and the size and type of glass that it has.

Type of DoorTypical Cost Range
Front door$120 – $535
Back door$100 – $435
Shower door$500 – $1,700
Storm door$155 – $280
French door$450 – $5,050
Patio door$150 – $1,875
Sliding door$150 – $4,000

Front Door Glass Replacement

As the door welcoming visitors into your home, front doors are usually decorative. Because they’re used frequently, the glass of a front door often gets chipped or foggy. Replacing its glass will cost about $120 to $535.

Back Door Glass Replacement

Costing around $100 to $435, replacing back door glass is cheaper than a front door because it’s often more practical rather than decorative. The glass of a back door often gets damaged by toys and rocks. Many homeowners opt to replace the entire door as glass replacement costs about the same as installing a new door.

Shower Door Glass Replacement

Commonly made entirely of frosted and tempered glass, shower doors are more expensive to replace than most other doors because of their special glass. The average price of a shower door glass replacement ranges from $500 to $1,700.

Storm Door Glass Replacement

Storm doors are exterior doors that are installed on top of your home’s main door to protect it from the elements. The glass of a storm door often gets chipped, cracked, and broken because of debris kicked up by the wind. Costing $155 to $280, replacing storm door glass is highly recommended because broken glass greatly reduces its ability to block out heat.

French Door Glass Replacement

Featuring many glass panels, French doors are known for their charm and aesthetic appeal. The glass in a French door can be tempered or laminated, and they can have up to three panes of glass. Replacing French door glass can cost as little as $450 or as much as $5,050

Patio Door Glass Replacement

Patio doors can boost your energy efficiency, make your home more beautiful, and raise your property value. Replacing the glass of a patio door will cost you anywhere between $150 and $1,875 for materials, depending on the type of glass. Patio doors can be made of low-E coated, energy-efficient, tempered, hurricane-rated, or single-pane glass.

Sliding Door Glass Replacement

Commonly used for patios, sliding glass doors are beautiful and functional, but also rather expensive. Homeowners can expect to pay as little as $150 or as much as $4,000 on materials alone for a sliding glass patio door, depending on the type of glass.

Window Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep the rest of your windows in good shape so that they won’t break. A pro may also spot small issues before they get worse during routine maintenance. Professional window cleaning costs about $155 to $340, while professional window maintenance costs around $75 to $150


If your windows were damaged in an accident, then your siding might need fixing, too. Replacing siding will cost you about $2.33 to $15.33 per square foot of siding. If it only needs repairs, then you can hire a pro to repair it for anywhere between $214 to $1,468, depending on the extent of the damage.

Awning Repairs

Whatever wrecked your windows may have also damaged your awnings. Although awning repairs cost an average of $680, most projects will fall between the range of $255 to $1,100.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Would you rather replace your broken window pane yourself? DIY window glass replacement will cost you between $297 and $577 for the materials and tools, including pre-cut window glass for a single-pane window.

DIY Equipment RequiredAverage Cost
Pre-cut window glass$130 – $410
Putty knife$10
Work gloves$18
Safety goggles$15
Tape measure$18
Long-nose pliers$12
Linseed oil$18
Fine-grit sandpaper$5
Glazing compound (putty)$12
Glazing points$3
Exterior paint$21
Masking tape$4
Total DIY Cost$297 – $577

Compared to the cost of a professional window glass replacement – $235 to $505 – a DIY replacement can actually be more expensive. Replacing window glass is not too difficult, but it can be dangerous as you need to handle broken glass. If you install it incorrectly, you may also get higher energy bills from improper sealing.

Hiring a pro to replace your window glass means you can rest easy knowing that someone with the proper tools and knowledge will be working on your windows. Professional window glass replacements also usually come with warranties.

Cost of Window Glass Replacement by Location

Homeowners living in urban communities can expect to pay more for window glass replacement than homeowners from rural areas. The cost of this type of project is also influenced by the area you live in because of local supply chains and different labor costs.

Climate is another thing to keep in mind. If you live in an area with freezing winters, you’ll want to opt for higher-efficiency window glass, which will cost more. Reach out to a local window installer for a project quote accurate to your specific area. 

FAQ About Window Glass

Can you buy window glass pre-cut?

Some home improvement stores and supply stores can cut your window glass for you or let you cut the glass yourself, but not all of them do that. You can buy glass cutting kits instead if that’s not the case.

Can you replace glass in a window without removing the frame?

You can, but this is only possible for insert windows, which are designed to preserve the original frame, trim, siding, and casing.

How can you temporarily cover a broken window?

You can use tape – masking, packing, or duct tape – to cover your broken window. You can also use cardboard or particle board to protect the window from further damage.

DIY or Hire a Pro to Replace Window Glass 

Shattered glass is a safety hazard for you, your home’s aesthetic appeal, and your energy bill. Worse still, you are left unprotected against the harsh elements and home intruders. So, when your windows break, you should get them fixed as soon as possible. Do you have a broken window? Contact a window specialist near you today.

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