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Overall, Simonton Windows benefits from positive customer reviews. Most clients are delighted about how their homes look and feel with the new windows. Noise reduction, no drafts, and lower energy bills are reasons to recommend them to both friends and strangers. 

On the other hand, some homeowners complain about water leaks during rain. A few say they have a hard time properly closing the windows. Like any other big company, Simonton has its strong and weak points. Read further to find out what to expect from their products.

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Who is Simonton Windows?

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The Simonton Windows story starts in 1946 in Pennsboro, West Virginia. That is when Fred and Sybil Simonton founded Pen Vent Awning to produce aluminum framed windows and patio doors. In 1981, the next generation of Simontons shifted the gear to vinyl frames:

  • Their son convinced them that energy-efficient products are the future.
  • The family changed the company name to Simonton Windows and Doors.
  • They started working on creating the most energy-efficient vinyl-framed windows.

Ply Gem, one of America’s top builders of exterior products, bought Simonton Windows in August 2014. Five years later, Ply Gem merged with NCI Building Systems and became Cornerstone Building Brands, North America’s number-one vinyl siding, windows, and metal accessories manufacturer.

Today, the Simonton brand covers 27 product lines of windows and doors sold throughout all 50 states. This large company has over 76 years of industry experience and a lot to offer. Let’s get to know their products better, starting with what customers say.

Customer Reviews

The overall customer opinion of Simonton windows is positive. Praising reviews discuss their beautiful look, excellent soundproofing, and a visible improvement in thermal comfort. 

They also mention how smooth they operate and how easy they are to clean. 

Ordered these windows to replace old wooden Anderson windows. The windows look great inside and outside. They slide smoothly open and closed. Reading other reviews seems like the installation people were the main issue. The guy who installed our windows was great. Made sure insulation was put around the window and sealed around. Haven’t had any issues with air infiltration. Definitely an improvement from what we originally had. Currently working on ordering 3 more windows to replace a few remaining old ones. – Matt (Home Depot website)

Clients of StormBreaker models tell stories about how well the windows resist wind and flying debris. 

“We built our home using storm breaker windows in 2010 and they have seen a number of storms the last Florance. Beside getting much flying debree [debris], a large tree fell againt [against] our home with the top of the tree beating againt [against] the windows for 3 day. No major damage to windows or seal damage. Great product. Jim, Wilmington, NC. (Simonton website)

Their reviews indicate that the product is doing its job, particularly regarding energy-efficient features and special upgrades.

Still, some shared negative reviews. Most of them mention condensation and rainwater infiltration. 

“We built a house, and the builder put in the Simonton windows[;] we have had one leak[,] which is being replaced under warranty and have had to have several others adjusted bc [because] they would not lock. The windows are ok, but if I was replacing these windows, I would get better ones.” – Snakes from Erlanger, KY (Simonton website)

Some clients describe unpleasant experiences with windows that are difficult to close and let noise in. The installation service is also mentioned negatively, as is customer service when trying to solve the installation issues. 

“Installed after Florence. These windows leak like a sieve. Have tried to get [a] contractor, representative, and distributor to correct [the] problem. They all point at each other. Why does Simonton not stand behind their products? Have only been installed for 1 year.” – Ken, Wilmington (Simonton website)

Simonton Energy Efficiency

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Simonton windows were part of the Most Efficient Energy Star products list in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Energy Star is a program of the U.S. Government that finds the best energy-efficient products in the country. It also guides homeowners in choosing energy-efficient additions to their homes. By Energy Star standards, energy-efficient windows must:

  • Lower heat and cooling bills
  • Reduce damaging UV lights entering your home
  • Use less energy and protect the environment
  • Improve comfort in your home all year round

Simonton has been building low heat transfer windows for over 40 years. The company uses thermal vinyl frames and unique features to improve insulation. All collections have low-E glass and argon filling, offering good-quality spacer systems. Their mid-level and premium series include upgrade options like:

  • Triple-pane glass units
  • Krypton filling
  • A fourth protective layer for radiant heat and UV rays

The company also has region-specific Energy Star glass packages, which lets homeowners across the U.S. get the best windows for their local climate. 

Simonton Materials

High energy efficiency is the mark of Simonton windows. All materials and upgrades are meant to limit heat transfer and improve insulation and resistance.  

Vinyl Frames

Plastic vinyl window that is slightly open
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Simonton is a top vinyl windows manufacturer. This material has both excellent durability and superior thermal resistance. A resilient plastic made from chlorine and ethylene, vinyl:

  • Doesn’t rot, peel, or flake 
  • Is very low-maintenance
  • Has better heat resistance than aluminum and steel
  • Keeps your home comfortable no matter the outside temperature

Low-E Glass

All Simonton windows have a standard ProSolar low-E glass unit. Clients can also choose from two upgrades available, depending on their location and climate. Here’s what all three options have to offer:

  • ProSolar stops up to 72% of UV rays from entering and helps keep warmth in during winter and out during summer. It’s an option suitable for homes in the middle of the country.
  • ProSolar Shade reflects up to 92% of UV rays and offers better insulation. Consider this package if you live in a warm climate where solar heat is a problem. This line has a heavier coating, so these windows might be slightly darker than standard models.
  • ProSolar Sun is for cold climates where you want more solar heat to keep your home warm. Its lighter coating stops 71% of UV light. 

Spacer Systems

In insulated windows, glass panes are separated by spacers that:

  • Seal in the argon or krypton used between panes
  • Keep the edge of the glass warm and reduce condensation
  • Absorb any mechanical stress due to expansion and contraction
  • Keep out water vapor and moisture

Simonton windows are built using three types of spacers:

  • Intercept Spacer keeps the glass warm. It also expands and contracts to reduce the risk of seal failure. 
  • Super Spacer is a non-metallic, non-conductive foam that eliminates temperature transfer.
  • Supercept Spacer uses a stainless-steel alloy that offers increased durability and thermal efficiency.

The standard Simonton spacer is the Intercept model. You can upgrade to Super or Supercept spacers on most of the windows they offer. We talk about the window types available below. 

Simonton Window Types

There are ten types of windows in the Simonton offer.

1. Single-hung windows are a classic, featuring a fixed top sash; they’re also more resistant to winds and storms. Only the bottom sash can be opened, and it slides vertically for ventilation. Simonton has single-hung models in five of its window series: 

  • DaylightMax
  • Simonton 6200
  • Contractor
  • ProFinish Builder
  • Brickmould 300

2. Double-hung windows have two mobile sashes. You can slide just one sash open, but you can also open them both for more airflow. Simonton models have inward tilting sashes that make cleaning easier. You’ll find them in almost all Simonton series.

3. Slider windows glide horizontally along a track and open without using space outside the wall line. Simonton offers models with two and three sashes, so you can adapt to various room sizes. Consider a model with two mobile sashes to let in more fresh air in your home. Sliders are also a popular option in most of their collections. 

4. Casement windows hinge on their side and open outward like a door. They fit in traditional and modern designs and offer the best ventilation and insulation. The casement style is available in seven of Simonton’s window series, including the Contractor and Brickmould 600 collections.

green metal casement window
Photo Credit: PeakPx / CC0

5. Awning windows are horizontal windows and are perfect for spaces needing extra light and ventilation. With hinges at the top of their frame, they swing outward from the bottom like an awning. Simonton has awning models in eight of its collections, including:

  • Simonton 6100
  • Simonton 6500
  • StormBreaker Plus

6. Bay windows extend outside your home, joining three windows together at 30 and 45-degree angles. They have a picture window in the middle, but single or double-hung on the sides to open for ventilation. They work well in homes with contemporary or transitional design styles. You’ll find them in these mid-level and premium Simonton collections:

Bay window
Photo Credit: Legacy Windows / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0
  • Reflections 5500
  • Simonton 9800
  • Simonton 6500
  • Simonton 6100
  • Simonton Premium

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7. Bow windows also arch towards the exterior with four or more picture windows in a subtle curve, adding space and curb appeal. If you have a more traditional or Victorian-style home, you can consider adding them to a wall or a corner with at least 80 inches of free space. They are included as options in the same series as Simonton’s bay windows. 

8. Picture windows have a single glass pane and a slim frame to let in as much light as possible. They can accentuate an area in your home or showcase a beautiful view outside. Simonton has them in 13 of its window collections. 

9. Garden windows are three-dimensional glass structures you can use as mini greenhouses. They extend outside the wall for more space and light and have a shelf-like sill where you can keep plants, decor, or other small objects. They are most often installed in the kitchen, above the sink. Simonton includes them in its top five popular collections:

  • Reflections 5500
  • Simonton 6100
  • Simonton 6500
  • ISimonton 9800
  • Simonton Premium

10. Specialty shapes. Windows can have arched, circular, or linear shapes. They add a customized look to both traditional and contemporary homes. Simonton offers them as an option in all their standard, mid-level, and premium series. 

arch windows on a house wall
Photo Credit: Baloncici / Canva Pro / License

Simonton Product Lines

Simonton windows cover two types of installation:

Vinyl Replacement Windows

With 14 collections, this is the amplest category that Simonton offers. It includes low-cost, mid-level, and premium series windows grouped by location and climate: the West and East Region.

West Region Collections

Simonton Windows has four collections designed for the specific climate conditions of the West Coast:

All West Region options offer the Title 24 upgrade that ensures the windows meet California Energy Commission standards as stated in the Title 24 regulations.

ClearValue is a low-cost window line. It includes the following features:

  • Narrow frames
  • Double-strength ¾ inch low-E glass with argon gas and an Intercept spacer
  • Two standard color options and hardware (white and tan)
  • Basic upgrades:
    • Obscure glass for privacy
    • Tempered glass for more safety
    • A Title 24 option
  • Four window types: double-hung, slider, picture, and specialty shape (geometric). 

Consider this option if you’re on a limited budget and want windows with more glass space for beautiful, expansive outdoor views and lots of natural light. Its design is an easy fit in modern and contemporary houses.

DaylightMax and Simonton 6200 are the mid-level series for the West Coast replacement windows. With 13 colors and 15 hardware choices, these series have extensive customization options, allowing more flexibility and creativity in style and preferences.

Their design is still narrow-framed and slim, but they offer more types of windows, including:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Picture windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bay & bow windows
  • Garden models
  • Specialty shapes, also called geometric

In addition to the upgrades available for the standard models in the ClearValue series, the mid-level collections include:

  • Bronze or gray tinted glass for privacy
  • Laminated glass for security and UV protection
  • Acoustic glass for superior soundproofing

The DaylightMax and Simonton 6200 lines also feature more intense color options like black, bronze, and silver, making them a good choice for an industrial-style home. 


With wide frames and designs that mimic wood frames, Madeira windows are the best fit for classic and contemporary architecture. It’s the premium collection of the West Coast series and features 26 customization options to test your creativity with. 

The upgrades for this series are also generous. On top of all the add-ons available for low-cost and mid-level West Coast windows, you can also choose to have Eco3 triple-pane glass for your Madeira window. This window structure was recognized as part of the Most Energy-Efficient products by Energy Star in 2022.

East Region Collections

Simonton added an extra ProSolar option for its east region collections to keep houses warmer in cold northern climates. Some series also include Coastal Impact Protection for areas with strong winds and storms. Windows with this upgrade have laminated glass that offers Missile C-level certification for homes in coastal and inland areas. 

East Coast homeowners can choose among nine Simonton window series:

Reflections 5050, Asure, and Simonton Pro are the most affordable options created for the East Coast. All three series offer the following features:

  • Four window types: double-hung, sliders, picture, and specialty shapes 
  • Two standard color options: white and tan 
  • Double-strength glass upgrade plus textured or tinted glass for privacy and tempered glass for safety

What sets them aside from one another are their frame designs, availability in stores, and special features:

  • Asure windows have narrow frames suitable for modern and contemporary houses. 
  • Models from the Simonton Reflections 5050 collection are more traditional, with their beveled and broader frames. They also offer the new ProSolar PLUS upgrade created for Northern climates, which adds a fourth low-E layer to keep more heat inside. 
  • The Simonton Pro series has classic frames but is only available in the Home Depot network.

The Simonton 6100 is a narrow-framed series with standard colors but has an extensive list of window types available. Since it includes the more expensive bay and bow window styles, its price range is also higher. It’s also sold exclusively through local Home Depot centers.

Reflections 5500, Simonton Premium, and Simonton 9800 are three gorgeous window series created for customers who prefer interior frames with a wood-grain appearance. They offer extensive customization options, nine types of windows, and premium upgrades such as:

  • Triple-pane glass
  • Coastal Impact Protection for stormy regions
  • Krypton filling for better thermal insulation

The Premium collection is available only in Home Depot stores. The 9800 and 5500 series also have an extra feature. They offer the new ProSolar PLUS upgrade, which adds a fourth layer of low-E glass to better insulate homes in northern climates. 

StormBreaker Plus hurricane-rated windows are built especially for coastal regions. They have 1-inch impact-resistant low-E glass certified to meet Missile D-rating impact specifications required by the Texas Department of Insurance and the Florida Building Commission. 

StormBreaker models can face strong winds and windborne debris without adding shutters. They also provide advanced security and good noise insulation. 

The series includes these window types:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Slider windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Picture windows
  • Geometric windows 

These windows can also be upgraded to have Turtle Glass, which allows only 40% of the artificial light to go through your windows. Simonton offers this type of glass so homeowners can easily comply with the sea turtle lighting ordinances adopted along the coast of Florida.

Simonton 6500 is a special premium collection available exclusively through Home Depot stores. Windows from this collection have exquisite architectural details paired with high energy efficiency, placing some models in the Most Efficient Energy Star list in 2023.

Customers who buy windows from the 6500 series will experience premium service even at the start of the buying process. A consultant will assist homeowners in:

  • Choosing the right window style
  • Taking measurements
  • Planning the installation 

The quality service continues with customization, where 16 colors, 14 hardware options, and seven grilles patterns are available to create the home of your dreams. 

You can add upgrades such as triple-pane glass and coastal impact protection. This collection features all window types that Simonton offers, minus single-hung windows.

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New Construction Windows

Window fitters installing a new window
Photo Credit: Robert Kneschke / Canva Pro / License

Simonton has four collections of new construction windows for both the western and eastern regions of the country:

  • ProFinish Builder
  • Contractor
  • Brickmould 300
  • Brickmould 600

ProFinish Builder, Contractor, and Brickmould 300 are three cost-effective series with inexpensive models. Builder and Brickmould 300 only have two color options, four types of windows (single-hung, sliders, picture, and specialty shapes), and Simonton’s basic upgrades. 

So, how do they differ? Their differences lie in design: Builder window frames have an angled exterior, while Brickmould 300 models have the profile of traditional wood frames.

The Contractor collection is richer in customization options and upgrades. It offers:

  • Five exterior colors
  • Three interior colors
  • New Pro solar PLUS upgrade for colder climates 
  • Seven window types: double-hung, single-hung, sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows, picture, and specialty shapes

Brickmould 600 is the only mid-level series of new construction windows. The frames mimic wood in shape, color, and texture. It includes seven window types, 14 color options, and a coastal impact protection upgrade.

Simonton Prices

You’ll find Simonton windows at prices varying from $370 to $1,375 per unit, depending on collection and features:

  • Size
  • Window type
  • Number of panes
  • Insulating options
  • Customization

Bow and bay windows are more expensive and could go over $2500 a piece, including installation. Windows from 9800 and 6500 premium collections also have higher prices. 

Standard colors and glass options are more affordable than models with added upgrades, and installation is a big part of the cost. We have a guide detailing the average window installation costs nationwide if you want to read more.

Where to Buy Simonton Windows

Man picking windows in a hardware store
Photo Credit: nomadsoulphotos / Canva Pro / License

Homeowners can buy Simonton windows from Home Depot stores all over the country. Simonton also works with an extensive network of professional builders and distributors you can contact. Remember that some series are sold only through Home Depot; these include the Simonton 6200, Simonton 6500, and ClearValue collections. 

Home Depot and most distributors also offer window installation services. You can hire them when you buy the products or work with your local contractor.

You can find the closest distributor to you on the manufacturer’s website

Warranty and Customer Service

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Depending on the window series and model, you can benefit from a lifetime or double lifetime warranty. 

Simonton Double Lifetime Warranty

If you sell your house, the next owner benefits from Simonton’s window warranty.

While Simonton warranties typically cover all products in a window (vinyl frame, hardware, glass, and screens), it might not be their lifetime option. Read the details carefully; in some situations, the lifetime warranty will only cover the vinyl frame. The rest of the elements can have a limited warranty – either 10 or 20 years long.

Installation Not Included

Simonton Windows warranty does not cover installation. While the company tries to ensure all partners are familiar with their installation standards, looking for an experienced contractor is essential if you choose Simonton windows.

After-Sale Customer Service 

When it comes to after-sale customer service quality, patience is necessary. Since installation is out of Simonton’s purview, it can take a while to discuss repairs or replacements between the manufacturer, distributor, and installer. 

Simonton Pros and Cons

Looking through Simonton Windows as a whole may be a bit overwhelming. This table condenses Simonton’s pros and cons, which might help you determine if this window manufacturer is the one for you:

Simonton ProsSimonton Cons
● A variety of frame styles and window types to choose from including bay, bow, and special shapes
● Upgrades designed especially for local climate conditions and regulations
● Many affordable good-quality windows
● Affordable upgrades available to improve energy efficiency
● Only sells windows with vinyl frames
● Standard series windows have very limited customization options
● Ambiguous warranty details. Requires careful reading to understand coverage for window elements
● Some collections are available only in Home Depot stores
● A communication gap when it comes to installation and customer service

Simonton vs. Andersen

Both Simonton and Andersen Windows are industry veterans and have good quality products, but they do have some differences. For example, Andersen sells windows with frames made of:

  • Wood
  • Composite
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl

Simonton specializes in vinyl framing with an extensive list of products.

Their warranties are also different:

  • Andersen works with a 20-year warranty
  • Simonton offers lifetime and double lifetime warranties on their products

In contrast to Simonton, Andersen’s customer service has a better reputation. 

Overall, Andersen is the better choice for owners looking for more variety. Simonton is more suitable for those wanting affordable, easy-to-install, energy-efficient windows. 

Simonton vs. Pella

Pella is another top manufacturer to consider. Similar to Andersen, Pella also offers a broader range of windows; besides producing wood, vinyl, and fiberglass frames, Pella has richer premium and luxury offerings. In comparison, Simonton Windows has more low-cost and mid-level options, with only a few high-end products. 

If you want more premium windows, particular frame designs, or specific materials, Pella might be the better choice – assuming the budget doesn’t matter, of course. For reliable, affordable, and energy-efficient windows, Simonton is the better pick.

Simonton vs. Milgard

Are you considering Milgard windows as an alternative? Milgard has various high-end products, so its windows are typically more expensive than Simonton’s. On the other hand, Milgard makes windows with wood, aluminum, and fiberglass frames that you won’t find in Simonton’s product catalog. 

Milgard and Simonton offer a similar variety of window types and color options. Both brands offer good quality energy-efficient windows. If you want vinyl frames, then Simonton is the way to go; they specialize in vinyl windows and offer a variety of styles and upgrades. If you prefer wood windows or fiberglass windows, then you can consider purchasing Milgard windows.

FAQ About Simonton Windows

Are Simonton windows cheap?

Simonton windows are mid-level products costing $370 to $1375 on average with installation. Their catalog includes both low-cost options with standard features and premium models with more customization and upgrade options. 

Where are Simonton windows produced? 

Simonton manufactures its products in the United States. It has three plants in West Virginia (Pennsboro, Harrisville, and Ellenboro) and other facilities in Illinois and California.

How long do Simonton windows last? 

Simonton windows typically have a 10-year warranty on their mobile parts, which are the most vulnerable elements, and a 20-year warranty for the glass. With sound installation and proper maintenance, they can last much longer than that.

Hire a Pro to Install Your Dream Windows Today

Simonton is one of the most experienced and quality-dedicated window manufacturers. It specializes in vinyl frames and energy-efficient windows, offering a variety of styles, colors, and upgrades to fit any home in the US. 

You won’t go wrong with choosing elegant, modern, classic, or traditional Simonton windows for your next home improvement project; their vinyl frames won’t rot, peel, or need lots of maintenance. They also make your home look amazing and feel comfortable all year round. Once you’ve found the perfect windows, why not hire a knowledgeable window pro in your area through Window Gnome to install them efficiently and smoothly?

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