How Much Does Window Repair Cost in 2024?

Most homeowners pay between $170 and $565, or $45 to $90 per hour, to have a window repaired.

After natural disasters and accidents, you may find yourself with damaged windows. Repairing your windows costs an average of $360, but most homeowners pay between $170 and $565 for a window repair, including materials and labor.

Many window repair specialists will charge about $45 to $90 per hour in labor fees, depending on the scope of the damage.

In this pricing guide, you’ll find:

Average Window Repair Costs

National Average Cost$360
Typical Price Range$170 – $565
Extreme Low-End Cost$70
Extreme High-End Cost$2,225

Across the nation, homeowners pay anywhere between $170 to $565 – or an average of $360 – to get their windows repaired. However, you can pay as little as $70 or as much as $2,225, depending on the scope of the project.

Why is there such a big difference in cost? Many factors influence the price of a window repair, such as the extent of the damage and the type of window. If you want to save money on your window repair, you can:

  • Repair multiple windows at once (instead of one at a time)
  • Repair your windows before the damage worsens over time
  • Get quotes from multiple contractors to find one that fits your budget

Aside from the type of window and type of repairs needed, a window’s size, material, age, accessibility, and labor costs can all affect how much or how little you need to pay for your window repair project. For example, a second-floor window with extensive damage to its frame will be more expensive to repair than one on the first floor that only needs a latch repair.

Window Repair Cost Estimator by Window Type

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Windows come in many shapes and sizes, and the window itself is the most important cost factor influencing the cost of a window repair. More elaborate windows, like bay and bow windows, are some of the most expensive to repair, while simple ones, like transom windows, are some of the most affordable.

In general, windows can be grouped into how many window panes they have: single, double, or triple. The only windows that don’t fall under these groups are bow and garden windows, which have more than three window panes. Windows with more panes are more elaborate and have more parts, which is why they’re more expensive to repair.

Single-pane windows are the simplest to repair and include picture windows, casement windows, hopper windows, and many skylights. The average cost to repair a single-pane window ranges from $90 to $200.

Double-pane windows include storm windows, sash windows – both single-hung and double-hung – and some skylights. On average, they cost anywhere between $200 to $400 to repair.

Triple-pane windows are beautiful and improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, but they are quite expensive to repair, costing around $570 to $1,050. Triple-pane windows include bay and arched windows. Bow windows are even more expensive than that, with a typical price range of $1,250 to $3,250.

If you’d like to know how much it costs to repair specific window types, then take a look at the table below.

Window TypeTypical Cost Range
Arched$190 – $625
Awning$150 – $600
Bay$275 – $650
Casement$165 – $575
Double-hung$165 – $565
Egress$200 – $700
Garden$300 – $700
Glass Block$90 – $300
Picture$140 – $525
Single-hung$130 – $500
Skylight$250 – $500
Sliding$140 – $550
Stained Glass$300 – $700
Storm$75 – $370
Transom$75 – $250


Most arched windows have multiple panes that create a decorative feature. Although most of them are big, some arched windows are small, installed above other types of windows. It costs around $190 to $625 to repair these curved windows.


Awning windows are great for ventilation without compromising your security. Made of a single pane that can be opened by pushing the bottom outwards, these windows cost anywhere between $150 to $600 to repair.


Made of three window panes that jut out from your home, bay windows are quite elaborate. With repairs costing around $275 to $650, they are some of the most difficult and expensive to repair.


Casement windows are hinged on one side and are opened with a hand crank. To repair one of these single-paned windows, expect to pay around $165 to $575


Double-hung windows have two panes – or sashes – that are operable. They are some of the most common windows you’ll find, and they cost around $165 to $565 to repair.


Installed in finished basements, egress windows cost from $200 to $700 to repair. You should keep them in good condition, as you can use them as an emergency exit.


Like bay windows, garden windows also protrude from your home’s exterior. You can use them as a shelf for plants and other small objects. Garden window repairs cost around $300 to $700. While they have more panes than most windows, they’re usually small, so they aren’t too expensive to repair.

Glass Block

Glass block windows are very sturdy, but individual blocks can still sustain damage. Getting these hefty windows repaired will cost you around $90 to $300.


Picture windows are fixed single-pane windows that are great for natural light. The cost of a picture window repair ranges from $140 to $525.


Like double-hung windows, single-hung windows have two sashes; however, only the bottom sash opens and closes. Expect to pay around $130 to $500 to get a pro to repair these common windows.


Skylights often only have one pane, but some models have two. Since they’re an opening on your roof, it’s best to get them repaired as soon as possible to prevent water damage. They cost anywhere from $250 to $500 to repair.


Costing $140 to $550 to repair, sliding windows are set along a track. Unlike casement windows, you open these windows by sliding them from side to side.

Stained Glass

While stained glass windows are beautiful, they are quite costly to repair at around $300 to $700.


Storm windows are single-pane inserts that go overtop existing windows in your home to make them sturdier and more energy-efficient. Repairing storm windows costs between $75 and $370.


Transom windows are usually small, decorative windows installed above doors. Transom window repairs range from $75 to $250. If your transom windows have colored or decorative glass, then expect to pay a price toward the higher end of this range.

Window Repair Cost Estimator by Issue

There are more window issues than just cracked glass. Each part of the window – including hardware like the latches and tracks – can break and make your window perform less effectively than you’d like.

Type of Issue or DamageTypical Repair Cost Range
Broken seal$85 – $250
Cracked or scratched glass$70 – $200
Broken glass$235 – $505
Faulty hardware$70 – $255
Worn flashing$275 – $565
Damaged frame$165 – $615
Damaged screen$90 – $200
Damaged window well$125 – $275
Damaged lintel$150 – $400
Worn molding$150 – $500

Broken Seal

Your window’s seal prevents outside air and water from slipping into your home. Windows with broken seals may look foggy because moisture has seeped in and condensed in between your window’s glass panes. Thermal window seals also contribute to the energy efficiency of your window, so it’s a good idea to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Fixing broken window seals costs around $85 to $250. The price of a resealing is affected by what type of sealant is used on your window. This table lists the three types of window sealant and how much a resealing project costs.

Type of SealantTypical Cost Range
Shrinkwrap$75 – $100
Caulk$75 – $125
Weatherstrip$75 – $150

If you have double or triple-pane windows, some pros might recommend that you replace your window instead. This is because resealing will not replace the argon gas in between glass panes, which serves as insulation. Professional window replacement costs $425 to $950 for double-pane glass and $500 to $1,865 for triple-pane glass.

Cracked or Scratched Glass

Cracked window panes are fixed by applying a two-part epoxy on the cracks. This problem can usually only be fixed on single-pane windows or double-pane windows that only have cracks on one of the panes. Fixing cracked window panes will cost you about $70 to $200. 

Expect to pay around $75 to $200 to fix your scratched windows. Pros use scratch removal kits to get rid of scratches on your window glass.

Broken Glass

The remedy for broken glass is a complete window glass replacement. Professional window glass replacement costs around $235 to $505 depending on the type of window. Pros will remove the broken glass and replace it with brand new window glass.

Faulty Hardware

Your windows are made of many different parts that can all break. Some of these are the sash, sash cords, springs, window balance (found in sash windows), handle, hinge, latch, and tracks. These parts have similar repair costs, ranging from $70 to $255. If you need them replaced, then you can expect to pay the following:

Window PartTypical Cost Range
Hinge$75 – $100
Arm$75 – $125
Spring$75 – $150
Lock$100 – $200
Screen$125 – $350
Sash$250 – $600
Lintel$400 – $750

Worn Flashing

Made of sheet metal, flashing is installed on roofs to cover the area in between the roof and chimneys, walls, and skylights. Costing anywhere from $275 to $565, this is an expensive problem to fix because the professional will have to remove the skylight completely to get to the flashing.

Damaged Frame

Your window’s frame is one of its most important parts, as it holds everything together. Frames can have minor issues, like cracking, chipping, fading from sun exposure, and damage from changing temperatures. They can also have water damage, which can rot the window frame or  cause blemishes. 

Since the solution can be as simple as filling cracks or as drastic as full frame replacement, homeowners can pay anywhere between $165 and $615 to fix their damaged window frames.

Damaged Screen

Window screen damage includes tearing, ripping, and weakening. To keep your home safe from bugs and prying eyes, expect to pay around $90 to $200.

Damaged Window Well

Do you have basement windows? Then you will most likely have window wells – the excavated area surrounding basement windows that let light in and people out during an emergency. If your window well is blocked, cracked, or otherwise damaged, you can get a pro to repair it for around $125 to $275.

Damaged Lintel

A lintel is a supporting beam on top of window openings that helps support the weight above it. Made out of wood, bricks, or concrete, lintels can be both structural and decorative, and they cost anywhere from $150 to $400 to repair.

Worn Molding

Window molding is a decorative piece that sits on top of your window frame to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. Repairing worn molding costs between $150 and $500.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Although the type of window and the extent of the damage are significant factors in determining the cost of your window repair project, they aren’t the only factors that come into play. The following factors also affect the price of a professional window repair.

Window Frame Material

There are many kinds of window frame materials, each with its own quirks and benefits. Some are more expensive than others to repair. Wood and aluminum are the cheapest materials to work with, while fiberglass and composite are on the higher end of the scale.

MaterialTypical Cost Range
Wood window$175 – $300
Aluminum window$250 – $500
Vinyl window$300 – $600
Fiberglass window$300 – $600
Composite window$400 – $650

Window Size

Like most window projects, the bigger the window, the more expensive it will be to work with in general. The same rings true for window repairs. Larger windows are more difficult to repair, especially if the damage is great.

Window Age

Older windows are not only more difficult to work with; they may also be difficult to find parts for. Given that windows can last from 15-20 years, there’s a chance that your windows may be vintage or from discontinued product lines. Finding the exact parts needed can be more difficult, upping the cost.

Number of Windows

Of course, if you need to repair multiple windows, then you should expect to pay a higher price for window repair. However, while the project price might go up, the price per individual window might actually go down. Like with window replacement, a few of the overhead costs stay the same whether you repair one window or five. Some window pros may even offer discounts on bulk repairs.

Window Accessibility

Windows on the second floor and higher are more difficult to access, so it’s more difficult to repair them. The same is true for skylights, which are located on your roof. This can drive up the price of your window repair.

Labor Costs and Emergency Repair

Most window repair pros will charge a labor fee of around $45 – $90 per hour for your window repair project, depending on how big and elaborate your windows are. They’ll also charge more if they need extra equipment – like a ladder – to reach your windows.

In an emergency, pros will charge a premium to fix your windows as soon as possible. Expect to pay around $135 – $275 per hour for emergency repairs.

On-Site vs. Off-Site Repairs

Pros may sometimes take your window and bring it to their workshop to repair it there. Getting your window repaired off-site may be more affordable; the window repair pro can be more efficient because they have access to a full workshop.

If you’re going to get a pro to repair your windows, then you might want to consider the following services, too.

Window Replacement

Did some of your windows sustain heavy damage? It may be more affordable to get them replaced instead. Professional window replacement costs around $310 to $1,330, depending on the type of window you want to replace.

Window Cleaning and Maintenance

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For windows, it’s similar; proper window maintenance and cleaning can help prevent minor issues from popping up or getting worse. Getting a pro to maintain your windows will run you about $75 to $150, while getting windows cleaned costs around $155 to $340.

Window Installation

Maybe you’re interested in adding more windows to your home. A new double-hung window costs around $250 to $975. More intricate windows, like bay windows, will cost you more.


Whatever damaged your windows might have damaged your siding, too. Hiring a pro to replace your siding costs around $2.33 to $15.33 per square foot. Siding repair projects can range from $214 to $1,468, depending on the scale of the project.

Awning Repairs

If your windows were damaged during a storm, then any awnings you have may have been affected, as well. On average, awning repairs cost around $680, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $255 to $1,100

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Do you fancy yourself a handyman? A cracked window pane is one of the easiest problems to fix – one that you might be able to do yourself. Repairing a cracked window pane will cost you around $65, assuming you have to buy everything.

DIY Equipment RequiredAverage Cost
Liquid dishwashing soap$6
Two-part epoxy$7
Razor blade$3
Glass cleaner$4
Putty knife$10
Paper plates$7
Microfiber cloth (in packs of 10 or more)$13
Total DIY Cost$65

Compared to the lowest professional cost of $70, you will most likely save money by repairing cracked windows DIY. However, this is just one of the most basic repairs that you can do; issues like rotten frames and broken glass will cost more and require more DIY knowledge.

Cost of Window Repair by Location

Your location also influences the cost of your window repair project. Homeowners living in urban areas will most likely pay more to hire a pro to repair their windows compared to those living in rural areas. Contact a window repair pro near you to find out the costs in your area. 

FAQ About Window Repair

Can a window crack without being hit?

Yes! A window can crack because of drastic temperature changes, huge temperature differences inside and outside your home, and pressure changes. The former two are called thermal stress cracks, while the latter is called a pressure crack.

What caused my window to crack?

Cracks appear differently depending on their cause. Thermal stress cracks are perpendicular to the window edge, cracking along the horizontal. Impact cracks are starbursts spreading out from the point of impact. Pressure cracks are curved, like an hourglass.

What happens if you don’t fix a cracked window?

If you ignore a cracked window, the crack will continue to spread. Over time, this will pose a security and safety risk, reduce your home’s energy efficiency, and impact your home’s aesthetic appeal. When it gets to a certain point, you may be better off replacing your window glass instead.

What is the fastest way to repair a cracked window pane?

Many quick and temporary (but perhaps unsightly) fixes are available to you as a homeowner. You can cover a cracked window with masking or duct tape, plastic, mesh patches, or clear nail polish. However, you should get cracks properly repaired as soon as possible.

DIY or Hire a Pro to Repair Your Window? 

When your windows become damaged, it’s best to get them repaired as soon as possible. Aside from risking it becoming worse, leaving broken windows alone will make you less safe, possibly hurt your family, and make your home look worse. Do you need a window repaired? Contact a window repair pro near you.

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