How Much Do Replacement Storm Windows Cost in 2024?

Expect to pay $125 – $415 per replacement storm window, plus $30 to $80 per hour for professional installation.

Good quality storm windows keep your home warm and safe when the wind is howling. Replacement storm windows cost $125 to $415 per unit, can be installed outside or inside, and are the economical way to upgrade older windows. Professional mounting costs $30 to $80 per hour, and some companies charge an extra $25 to $50 for removing the old storm window. 

Overall, homeowners typically pay $1,480 to $7,500 to retrofit a home with 8 to 12 windows. If you have damaged storm windows to replace, consider that pricing varies depending on window size, glazing, frame, and location. 

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Also called “storms,” “storm inserts,” or “hurricane windows,” most replacement storm windows are single-pane models added overtop the existing home windows. You can easily install interior storm window inserts DIY, but exterior options might require professional mounting. We discuss the main types of storm windows and their costs in this article (plus, installation tips!), so you can easily choose the best for your home.

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One of several deadbolt storm windows in Camp Cedars's Scott Storm shelter, in the open position.
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Average Replacement Storm Window Costs

National Average Cost$225
Typical Price Range$125 to $415
Extreme Low-End Cost$40
Extreme High-End Cost$1,000

The average cost of a replacement storm window is $225, but it varies depending on size, frame, glazing, and design. You can pay $40 for a small basement storm window or $1,000 for a custom-made triple-track with a wood frame and laminated glass. Installation costs range from $60 to $210 depending on the contractor, window size and type, and location. 

You can replace storm windows at a low cost if you:

  • Go for aluminum framing and fixed models.
  • Choose plexiglass glazing.
  • Put in storm windows indoors.
  • Install them DIY.

The most expensive replacement storm windows have the following:

  • A wooden frame
  • Tempered, laminated, or double-pane glass
  • A triple-track configuration
  • Custom size and design

Size is a key cost factor. Let’s see how it influences your budget.

Replacement Storm Windows Cost Estimator by Size

It costs $1,600 to $3,300 to replace ten 24-by-30-inch storm windows, but you’ll pay $2,600 to $4,500 if your home requires 52-by-60-inch models. Use the estimates below to see how much it would cost to replace storm windows in your home, considering the size.

Window Size Average Cost per Unit (materials only)Average Overall Cost per Unit (materials and installation)
24 by 30 inches$100 to $120$160 to $330
32 by 36 inches$130 to $150$190 to $360
48 by 44 inches$160 to $180$220 to $390
52 by 44 inches$180 to $200$240 to $410
52 by 60 inches$200 to $240$260 to $450
60 by 60 inches$250 to $270$310 to $480
60 by 96 inches$280 to $400$340 to $610

Note: Custom shapes and sizes cost more. The total price of replacing a storm window also depends on glazing, frame, and other factors discussed below. 

Other Factors That Affect Cost

While important, the window size is just one of many factors influencing the cost of replacement storm windows, such as:

Labor Costs

Contractors charge $60 to $160 to install a storm window or about $30 to $80 per hour. Some professionals add $25 to $50 to remove the old storm window and clean up the broken glass and old caulk.

Overall, labor for replacing a storm window costs $60 to $210 and varies depending on:

  • Individual contractor’s policy
  • Window shape and size
  • Location and accessibility (interior/exterior installation, ground floor window/upper floor window)
Storm Window Installation Price $60 to $160 per window
Cost to Remove Old Storm Window$25 to $50 per window
Total Storm Window Replacement Cost (Labor only)$60 to $210 per window

Interior vs. Exterior Storm Windows

While the average price to replace storm windows is $125 to $415, it’s worth knowing that interior models are more affordable.

Interior storm windows cost $90 to $265 and often have acrylic glazing with a vinyl frame. They are discrete and easy to install DIY. Some use mounting brackets or magnets for installation. Others, called interior storm window inserts or compression storm windows, use compression tubing. 

Exterior storm windows are $115 to $400. Such models have metallic or wooden frames, and contractors use screws or nails to mount them. Installing storm windows outside comes with:

  • More maintenance
  • Some visual changes to the house’s appearance
  • Additional protection for the original frames from snow, rain, and debris

Frame Material

Most modern replacement storm windows have frames made of aluminum, vinyl, or wood. 

Frame MaterialAverage Storm Window  CostAverage Frame Lifespan 
Aluminum or Steel$105 to $24020 years
Vinyl$160 to $33520 to 40 years
Wood$245 to $47530+ years

Aluminum Storm Windows

At $105 to $240 per unit, aluminum storm windows are a popular low-cost solution for exterior mounting. The frame has a top coating that:

  • Improves resistance to corrosion
  • Creates more color options
  • Allows repainting to extend its lifespan

Aluminum is lightweight and easy to lift and hold in the window opening. On the other hand, it offers less thermal insulation than vinyl and wood.

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Vinyl Storm Windows

Common for interior setup but also used outside, vinyl storm windows cost $160 to $335. Vinyl frames are low-maintenance and insulate better than aluminum. 

Wood Storm Windows

Wood replacement storm windows cost $245 to $475 per unit and fit perfectly with the style of old houses. Wood is more expensive, but also the best insulator on this list. 

Windows with a wood frame are heavier and more challenging to hold and lift, so they are typically installed by a contractor. They will also require the most maintenance to reach a 30+ year lifespan. 

Storm Window Glazing

Starting from the more affordable to the pricier glass glazing options, you can choose from the options featured here.

Acrylic or Plexiglass Storm Windows

Storm windows with acrylic or plexiglass screens cost $90 to $220 and are among the most affordable. Plexiglass or acrylic glazing is a light, flexible, and highly-durable plastic. It has a higher impact resistance than glass, is more difficult to shatter, and doesn’t break into small, sharp pieces. On the other hand, it scratches easily, so don’t use abrasive materials to clean it. 

Standard Glass Storm Windows

Buying glass storm windows to replace broken ones costs $95 to $270 per unit. Standard glass panes are more resistant to scratches and keep crystal-clear transparency over time. On the other hand, they can break and shatter on impact, throwing sharp, small, cutting pieces around. 

Low-Emission Storm Windows

Low-E storm windows are more expensive, priced at $115 to $350 per window, but are also more durable and energy-efficient. They have eco-friendly glass panes covered with a Low-E coating that reflects heat. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Low-E coating on windows can save you as much as 30% to 50% on your energy bills. 

Tip: To ensure the air filtration and heat transmission standards are met, look for the Energy Star certification on the Low-E storm windows you wish to buy.

Tinted Storm Windows

Replacement storm windows with tinted or coated glass cost $125 to $400 per unit. The glass has a metal oxide coating that filters light and reduces UV and heat flow into your home. This coating keeps the house cooler in the summer and gives you more privacy since the interior can not be seen from outside.

Tempered Storm Windows

Tempered glass costs $150 to $400 per storm window. It’s also called toughened glass because it’s processed chemically and thermally to make it stronger and more durable. It is 5 to 10 times harder to break than standard glass. When it breaks, it shatters into small non-cutting pebbles, reducing the risk of injury.

Laminated Storm Windows

At $135 to $400 per unit, laminated storm windows have glass panes held together by a thin polymer interlayer. This type of pane is also harder to break than regular glass and shatters into large non-cutting pieces, preventing injuries.

Double-Pane Storm Windows

Another good option for better thermal insulation are double-pane windows, costing $150 to $400. A double-pane storm window includes two sheets of glass separated by air space that slows down heat transmission.

Types of Storm Windows by Number of Tracks

Depending on whether or not you want to open the storm window and how much, you can choose between four main window configurations:

Storm Window TypeAverage Overall Cost
Fixed-track storm windows$100 to $300
Two-track storm windows$100 to $350
Triple-track storm windows$150 to $400
Two-track slider storm windows$150 to $400

Fixed Storm Windows

Fixed track windows do not open and are also called picture windows or basement windows. They cost $100 to $300 per unit and usually have one glass screen. Temporary interior fixed storm windows can be used with primary picture windows or casement windows but will not allow the former to open.

Two-Track Storm Windows

Two-track windows cost $100 to $350 per unit and have two glass panes and a half-screen: 

  • The outer track has a top glass pane and a bottom half-screen, both fixed. 
  • The inner track holds a mobile glass pane you can slide up and down to allow ventilation or close the window.

Consider this model if you install storm windows on existing double-hung windows.

Triple Track Storm Windows

With triple-track storm windows, the two glass panes and the half screen each have their own track to slide up and down. You can move both glass panes down and the half-screen up for ventilation and lift all three segments to pass something through the window. Triple-track storm windows cost $150 to $400 and are used for original double-hung windows. 

Two-Track Slider Storm Windows

Two-track slider replacement storm windows cost $150 to $400 and open horizontally by sliding left to right. They are similar to two-track storm windows, including two fixed panes (screen and glass pane) and a mobile glass pane. Choose this model to add to an existing sliding window.

Storm Windows vs. Replacement Windows

With millions of houses still using single-pane windows, adding storm windows to improve comfort and save energy is an effective and more affordable solution than replacing the original windows entirely. 

To see how much you can save with storm screens, see below the replacement costs for common window types.

Window TypeAverage Replacement Cost Per Window
Awning Windows$295 – $655
Bay Windows$985 – $2,450
Bow Windows$1,300 – $3,380
Casement Windows$155 – $970
Double-hung Windows$195 – $635
Picture Windows$200 – $775
Single-hung Windows$115 – $410
Skylight Windows$800 – $2,200
Sliding Windows$180 – $870
Tilt-out Windows$350 – $1,500
Jalousie Windows$165 – $400

Hurricane Windows and Impact-Resistant Windows

More than standard storm windows might be needed in coastal regions with a high risk for hurricanes and windborne debris. If you live near the Atlantic Ocean or along the Gulf of Mexico, consider orienting towards high-impact hurricane windows rather than storm windows. 

Hurricane windows are pricier, costing $2,740 to $15,526 to retrofit a home, but they are also more robust. Built with one or two layers of laminate PVB, hurricane windows flex under wind pressure, and if they break, they shatter safely without throwing sharp glass around. 

Impact-resistant windows are the most premium models you can choose. They have multiple layers of glass and laminates, and the overall pane is thicker, more robust, and less flexible. Impact glass is installed in heavy-duty frames, larger than standard options, and can resist high winds and heavy flying objects. 

Related Services 

Like many other home improvement projects, replacing storm windows comes with alternative options and additional interventions to consider. The most common are:

Storm Window Installation

You’ll need installation services if you just moved into a new house and put on storm windows for the first time. The average storm window installation cost is $60 to $160 per window. Replacing a storm window can add $25 to $50 per window, a fee some companies charge to remove the damaged window and prepare the opening for new installation.

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Replacement Storm Window Upgrades

You can improve already installed storm windows using:

  • Stabilizer bars: You can use stabilizer bars for exterior storm windows to make them stronger and sturdier. They cost $20 to $40 per unit and are easy to install DIY.
  • Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping improves insulation by sealing the edges and reducing air infiltration. Expect to pay between $200 and $250 to replace stripping for all storm windows in a mid-sized home.
  • Window screens: Storm window screens cost $30 to $50 per unit without installation. Most new replacement windows include them, but not all. And you need to replace them if damaged.

Storm Window Repairs

After a strong storm, your windows might need repairs. Hiring a professional for storm window repair costs $75 to $370. The most frequent intervention is replacing broken glass, latches, corner keys, weather stripping, and slide bolts. 

Hurricane Shutter Installation

You can also use hurricane shutters to protect your home from cold weather, strong wind, and windborne debris. They cost $1,835 to $6,680 to install in a mid-sized house and offer very good protection against wind and impact. The main disadvantage is that you need to be home to close them before the storm hits.

Storm Door Installation

While retrofitting your home to reduce cold air infiltration and limit noise, consider completing the project with a storm door, costing $210 to $785 to install. Pricing varies with size, style, and materials.

Roof Inspection and Repairs

Consider having your roof inspected after storms with high winds. Professional roof inspections cost $120 to $320 and can help you identify problems with your roof early, so you can prevent further damage to your home. If an inspection reveals your roof needs repair, the average roof repairs cost between $348 and $1,186.

Awning Repairs

High winds, rain, hail, and debris can also damage awnings. If this is the case, awning repairs cost $255 to $1,110 for awning repairs.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

DIY installation of storm windows can cost up to $190, including the window, depending on what tools you already own. The average professional replacement cost is $185 to $625, depending on window size, type and location. When deciding between DIY and pro services, also keep in mind that:

  • Installing exterior windows on the upper floors requires climbing a ladder, and you risk falling and injuring yourself.
  • If you don’t install the windows correctly, condensation might appear, exposing wood frames to deterioration.
  • Installing more than one window requires a lot of time and effort.

See a step-by-step guide on how to replace a window in this DIY guide.

DIY Equipment and MaterialsAverage Cost
Storm window$135
Tape measure$18
Putty knife$10
Caulking gun$6
Total DIY Cost $190

Cost of Replacement Storm Windows by Location

Homeowners living in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, or South Carolina will have to invest more in protecting their homes. With a house in the path of frequent hurricanes, tornadoes, and high winds, standard storm windows might need additional reinforcements such as hurricane shutters or plywood panels when extreme weather hits. Another option is going for premium hurricane windows, with heavy-duty frames and impact-resistant glass.

On the other hand, states such as Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa can benefit extensively from a well-chosen set of conventional storm windows to make the house less drafty. They protect the primary windows from hail, small debris, wind, rain, and snow and keep the house warm and energy bills low.

FAQ About Storm Windows

What do storm windows do?

Homeowners install storm windows as a cost-effective way to:

● Improve insulation in a drafty home
● Save up to 30% on heating and cooling bills at a third of the price of replacing the primary windows
● Protect original windows from snow, rain, wind, debris, and UV radiation
● Block traffic noise
● Upgrade a historic home without changing the existing windows

How much does it cost to replace glass in a storm window?

Storm window glass replacement costs about $110 to $375. Pricing varies with window size and type.

What is the warranty for storm windows?

The warranty for new storm windows depends on the manufacturer and model. It typically ranges between 1 year and a limited lifetime warranty.

What is the average lifespan of storm windows?

Storm windows can last up to 30 or 40 years, depending on the frame type, glazing, and maintenance. 

Should you caulk storm windows?

Typically, silicone caulk is used to seal storm windows from drafts, moisture, and insects, but it is only applied on three sides. It’s essential to avoid using caulk on the bottom edge, along the windowsill, since there are weep holes meant to allow condensation water to escape.

Are replacement storm windows worth it?

Storm windows are economical, effective, and a good investment when attached to old single-pane windows. They can improve energy efficiency by up to 30% and cost 50% to 75% less than replacement windows

What are the best storm window brands?

Among the high-rated window brands to offer storm screens at affordable prices are Marvin Windows, Coppa Woodworking, Larson, and Champion Windows. Also with good products, but at higher prices, are Pro Via, Andersen, and Pella.

DIY or Hire a Pro to Install Replacement Storm Windows? 

Replacement storm windows help protect your home from bad weather and improve energy savings up to 30%. They cost $125 to $415 per window, with an hourly fee of $30 to $80 for installation

You have various options to choose from, including exterior models that allow opening and discreet interior inserts to use if you live in a historic home. Contact a local window installer today to find the perfect storm windows to protect your home. 

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